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Five Ways to Level up Your Digital Marketing Game for 2019

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Digital marketing revolution is here to stay, and it is progressing quickly. With the new technologies emerging in the market, digital advertising techniques are modifying accordingly. Organizations must take the right steps to get their business where it is supposed to be concerning their brand's visibility and recall. There are a few trends that an organization needs to incorporate to witness a significant boost in ROI.

Here are the top five strategies to adopt:

1. Chatbots are trending: Chatbots have been gaining prominence from a long period now. They use deep learning to answer queries, recognize data and provide accurate results to the users. It saves the company’s time by presenting queries before they are sent to the employees. Chatbots can gather information from numerous sources and give answers in less than a second.

2. Increase in Video Marketing Budget: As Facebook Live gained a lot of popularity, the demands for video are also on the rise. These videos boost viewership, and while the users are watching videos on a website, Google comprehends that it’s relevant information and pushes the particular site on top of the search results. Videos are fruitful to the newcomers and startups as they allow their potential target audience to know them better. It is necessary for an organization to assess the videos they are putting and the ROI as well.

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3. Native Advertising: Native advertising perfectly blends with the website upon which it is placed, making it an exciting investment for an organization and the marketing efforts tend to succeed as the user’s experience is not disrupted.

4. Inbound Marketing: It refers to the process of luring customers through content creation before they are even ready to buy a particular product. It’s an effective way to convert strangers into customers and promoters of the product. While creating content, organizations must be careful and must focus on their potential customers and their needs.

5. Embrace Growth Hacking: Well, this process of experimentation across marketing funnels, sale segments, product development and other areas of the business is to figure out which is the most effective and efficient way to grow business. The best way for any enterprise to gain from this strategy is to understand what customers want and develop growth metrics accordingly. This can be implemented through various mediums like blogs, eBooks, social media and many more.