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Flash storage for the business world

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 13, 2018

Flash storage is the type of drive, repository or system which uses flash memory to keep data for an extended period of time. It is a form of electrically erasable, programmable read-only memory. Flash memory is widely used in consumer devices. It provides advantages in compactness and power consumption. Flash is used as standard storage in digital cameras, tablets, and digital camcorders.

There are good reasons many businesses want to use flash storage for their operations. They are,

1. Flash storage can handle larger workloads more quickly, making them the best choices for working with complex data operations.

2. Beyond the performance benefit, it offers more durability. This aspect becomes more important when there are concerns about data security.

3. Flash storage brings savings from reduced energy costs since it doesn't need much power to run(when compared with hard devices).

Apart from these stated advantages, there are several innovations for organizations to leverage their investment in flash storage. Some examples include:

1. Artificial Intelligence, the hottest term in technology is involved with a large volume of data and the need to operate with raw data. This demands a viable solution for AI applications to use flash storage.

2. The 'self-healing storage infrastructure' requires flash memory to be able to access and utilize data. This infrastructure, which is combined with AI is used to drive greater optimization within the storage environment and also to detect and address problems in real time.

3. Using non-volatile memory express(NVM) in the storage environment offers latency allowing data access in microseconds.

4. Flash storage can handle the dynamic data access in the internet of things(IoT). The organizations are making most out of IoT innovations nowadays.

Banks are an example of modern flash enabled environment, which uses flash-based storage arrays. Governments are also finding flash memory critical for their initiatives in the drive towards smart cities. With these being the shreds of evidence, such a conclusion can be derived that flash-based storages are aiding organizations to overcome their potential business challenges.

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