Flash-to-Cloud for Protecting the First Smart City
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Flash-to-Cloud for Protecting the First Smart City

By CIOReview | Friday, May 10, 2019

Energy resources, transportation, and public safety have been combined to create an integrated system that improves the quality of life and make the cities ‘smart’ with the latest technologies. These connected technologies and devices require a control and command unit with visibility of every endpoint, recognition of malfunctioning devices, and interaction in all connections. However, it is a known fact that with new opportunities come new risks—and with the use of IoT, cyber threats multiply.

Network security is fundamental, and limitations such as cost-cutting can reduce hard security, a drawback that results in vulnerability towards cyber crimes and threats which turn science fiction into a realistic horror movie.

One concept offers an innovative approach to neutralize such challenges: a flash-to-cloud solution, which will control both physical and network security breach. The design protects the firmware of edge devices from an unauthorized manipulation in the memory. Flash-to-cloud is cost effective as it is built onto the existing memory and does not complicate the software integration as system scales.

Smart cities are the primordial targets for cyber attacks. Hence, Flash-to-cloud technology secures cities via a secure channel between the cloud and the flash memory in edge device to protect the firmware from being attacked.

The use of innovations in technology in smart cities is necessary to keep up with the expansion in size and technicality. The evolution projects the problem of network security—although it appears ironclad at present, can it handle the sheer size and, if it avoids an attack, will it be able to scrutinize and control all the other sectors? The smart city network must not only guard the network and devices against a data breach but also ensure the visibility of the network by enabling system monitoring and management.

The secure channel is used for updating reports from the flash memory back to the management server in case of anything unusual. The flash-to-cloud is the kind of protection that increases data security of edge devices even when it is compromised. It offers a holistic solution without hiking cost and NanoLock security, which reduces operational costs. Together, they make up the Flash-to-cloud network security working in the IoT domain making an attractive offer for the industries, IoT market, and Smart cities.

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