Flintfox TPM Now Fully Integrated With Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Flintfox TPM Now Fully Integrated With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DENVER, CO: Trade Promotions Management (TPM) provider, Flintfox, recently announced that it’s modular, ERP-agnostic, TPM solution will now be available as a fully integrated solution inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Flintfox provides TPM solutions that enable its customers to dramatically reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of their trade promotions activity and increase speed-to-market.

“For many manufacturers managing their TPM activity efficiently and cost-effectively means the difference between being profitable or making a loss,” says Mike Ridgway, CEO of Flintfox. “Now we’re providing tight integration with that other key repository of critical business data – the corporate CRM system – by allowing customers to access their TPM from right inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself, or via the CRM for Outlook plugin.”

“It allows us to provide all this functionality in a user-interface that everyone understands – because it’s Outlook. So all the tools and information that those involved in the management of trade promotions need are at their fingertips – customer information, email communications, ERP data and so on..”

Flintfox’s TPM solutions allow its customers to:

  • Achieve more profitable trade promotion plans

  • Make better decisions about trade spending options

  • Compare forecasts and trade plans for maximum potential effect on sales

  • Gain real-time visibility into trade expense commitments

  • Empower salespeople to quickly and easily create promotional plans and forecasts

  • Forecast the impact of trade promotion “scenarios” on revenue and profitability

  • Easily reconcile claims and deductions against approved trade agreements

  • Forecast volume at any level of an organization hierarchy (product, product group, customer and customer group)

  • Know which promotions are performing as planned and fine tune any that aren’t

  • See up-to-date accruals posted against the correct GL account

  • Enable full auditability and reconciliation of accruals and payments

Ryan Robichaud, Director CRM Operations at Flintfox, says customer feedback on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM version of Flintfox TPM has been extremely positive. “Customers are really excited that they can do all their TPM-related activities such as building trade agreements, viewing promotional calendars, volume planning and forecasting, accruals management, and managing claims and deductions right from inside the Outlook interface they’re used to.”