FLIR Systems Introduces New FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Accessory for the Mobile Devices

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: FLIR System, a company into thermal imaging, announces the availability of its next generation FLIR ONE thermal imager, a versatile and portable personal thermal imager for iOS and Android platforms.

The New FLIR ONE can be used with micro-USB connector for Android devices or a Lightening connector for iOS forming a compact accessory to connect smartphone or tablet. The device is powered by an internal battery, latest generation Lepton thermal camera core, four times better image resolution and enhanced with FLIR’s patented multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX) technology.

It enables to measure accurate temperature variations smaller than a tenth of a degree, host of practical applications, identifies energy inefficiencies, translates thermal energy into dynamics color images, use for security, home repairs, outdoor activities and more.

FLIR will be releasing updated iOS software development kit (SDK) and new Android SDK for developer to build and launch creative apps for users. The FLIR Certified Developer program and FLIR Approved Application will support the developer community and end users of the FLIR ONE products.

"Last year, we successfully introduced the world to the FLIR ONE, the world's first thermal imaging accessory for a smartphone. This next generation FLIR ONE builds on this success by offering higher performance, broader compatibility, and a compelling value proposition. And with the launch of our new application developer support programs, we expect to see new applications and use cases emerge for this new FLIR ONE platform,” said Andy Teich, President, CEO, FLIR Systems.