FLOW-3D Updated Version Improves User Experience for Automation and Workflow Control

By CIOReview | Monday, November 23, 2015

SANTA FE, NM: Flow Science, global computational fluid dynamics solution provider recently launched new version of its flagship product ‘Flow-3D’. Flow 3D is a multi physics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package that provides useful insights to users, including solutions coupled to thermal energy transfer, 6 degree of freedom fluid-solid interaction, and mechanical and thermal stress analysis. The basic Flow-3D provides all these capabilities combined with TruVOF, the advanced algorithm for tracking free-surface flow.

Flow-3D has several versions including the recently launched Flow-3D v11.1. It aims at improving users’ workflow control and automation. The exciting developments included in this are active simulation control, batch post-processing and report generation.

Active simulation control helps user to control the design stages of their simulation, and making better understanding and fine-tune parameters in their manufacturing processes. This active simulation control allows simulation parameters to be automatically changed during run-time based on user-defined conditions at history probes. Batch post processing is ability to request desired output prior to launching a simulation, for automatic generation upon conclusion of the simulation, this saves users valuable time. The new report generation function helps users to create HTML-based reports on customizable templates, allowing them to communicate simulation results in a light and portable manner.

Tom Jensen, President of Flow Science adds, “Not only will batch post-processing and report generation make life simpler and communication easier for our customers, but new features like active simulation control will greatly enhance their flexibility in designing simulations."