FlowWorks Contract Extended, Carl Data Solutions to Please Fastest Growing City Again

By CIOReview | Monday, May 23, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia: Carl Data Solutions Inc. recently announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, FlowWorks Inc. has extended its Services Agreement Contract with City of Surrey, British Columbia for Carl's FlowWorks Application for coming fiscal year. Following the contract, FlowWorks now has more than 400 private and public sites that collect an ambit of environmental sensor data throughout British Columbia, Canada.

City of Surrey is taking a lead in adopting progressive environmental plans and responsibly managing its development. The city is already admired as a global leader in sustainability for its ecosystem and water management, waste and pollution reduction, green development and energy conservation go-aheads. FlowWorks has contributed to the city's environmental campaigns since its initial contractual agreement i.e. 2011.

FlowWorks is a powerful application for collecting, monitoring and analyzing environmental data, which can collect data from any sensor hardware manufacturer as well as public or private data sources and consolidate the information into comprehensive analytics and reporting portal made available online.

Isohyetal Mapping Tool - The tool indicates areas of extensive rainfall so the City can manage potential hazards to local ecosystems, public infrastructure and energy networks. It aggregates various data and creates isohyetal maps showing rainfall surface areas and contours.

ArcGIS Server Geo-Processing Tools - The tool helps city planners and developers in taking infrastructure development decisions, while taking into account regional weather patterns to significantly reduce property damages, energy consumption and overall waste.

Inflow & Infiltration Tool - The FlowWorks Inflow & Infiltration ("I&I") tool is used to identify points of water infiltration within their wastewater network—allows Surrey to repair issues within its infrastructure network and contributing significantly to the City's water pollution and energy reduction efforts.

Custom Alarms – Surrey uses the Application to monitor slope stability at fixed sites throughout the City in order to manage its environmental, ecosystem and public safety processes. Surrey sets custom alarms within the Application for reporting slope instabilities and failures to local fire halls and City departments.

“We're happy that the City of Surrey has preferred FlowWorks to help in its progressive sustainability plans and manage environmental data. With the advanced analytics features we'll be adding to the application this year, we're confident to offer even better data analytics to the city to drive forward its sustainability efforts," annotated Greg Johnston, CEO of Carl Data Solutions Inc.