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Fluence Technologies and CPMview Announce Partnership to Optimize CPM

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A strategic partnership between Fluence Technologies and CPMview will provide customers with a modern solution that eliminates inefficiencies and allows a faster and more confident financial close.

FREMONT, CA: Fluence Technologies and CPMview today announces a strategic partnership to optimize Corporate Performance Management (CPM) processes using Fluence's advanced financial cloud solution. Fluence Technologies provides a next-generation cloud consolidation solution that fuels a faster and more confident financial close for organizations of all sizes. It integrates the ease and flexibility of Excel with the control and efficiency of a legacy enterprise consolidation platform.

CFOs at mid-market firms have the same issues as their larger competitors but lack the correspondingly large budgets and headcounts. Fluence cements this gap by significantly streamlining complexity without sacrificing functionality. CPMview is a frontier in corporate performance management (CPM) and advises, implements, and supervises CPM projects. The company seeks to unify, modernize and automate finance and analytics using advanced technologies on all reporting steps from 'record-to-close,' 'consolidate-to-disclose,' 'plan-to-act,' and 'insight-to-decide.'

It is a CPMview mission to help finance managers for companies of all sizes to make decisions based on timely, accurate, and reliable data. The company strongly believes Fluence Technologies can support its mission, as the powerful cloud solution can be implemented in weeks and help its clients to consolidate and report rapidly and accurately. CPMview is looking forward to bring added value to its clients with Fluence and combine its decades of experience in the field.

The latest strategic partnership with CPMview is ideal for the evolving needs of customers on a global scale, and together the companies will provide their shared customers with a modern solution that eliminates inefficiencies and enables a faster and more confident financial close.  By combining the extended deployment experience of CPMview with the sophisticated, but easy to use Fluence consolidation engine, organizations close, consolidate and reporting processes can be faster and more accurate than previously.

Fluence Technologies is a leading company that offers an enterprise-class consolidation solution, priced and tailored for the mid-market.