Folio3 Launches CloudSync to Offer Offline Access to Oracle Sales Cloud
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Folio3 Launches CloudSync to Offer Offline Access to Oracle Sales Cloud

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Folio3, a provider of mobile software solutions has launched CloudSync, a mobile app that enables full offline access to Oracle Sales Cloud. This app provides secure, disconnected access and editing capability for Sales Cloud data while enhancing productivity and effectiveness of field sales representatives and business professionals.

CloudSync helps Sales professionals by offering disconnected/offline mobile access to Sales Cloud for accessing customer information at anytime and anywhere. It also offers complete read/write access for Sales Cloud in disconnected mode, allowing sales professionals to remain productive even in environments with limited or no network connectivity.

By using CloudSync, Sales Cloud users can access critical sales information including accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks and notes anytime, anywhere and seamlessly transition between online and offline states. The app provides users with the ability to; view, create or update accounts, contacts, opportunities and tasks; view or update notes for accounts and opportunities; automatically synchronize offline data with sales cloud; view notifications regarding offline data sync conflicts; look up sales cloud objects via an integrated search feature; and secure offline data with an additional password.

In addition, a licensed version of the app will provide access to Custom Fields, calendar events, and a set of other value added features.