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Formpipe partners with epista IT to offer unrivalled compliance offering to life science sector

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT CA: In a Major announcement made, the leading provider of electronic quality management systems (EQMS), Formpipe, has announced its latest partnership with epista IT. epsita IT is a specialist IT consultancy which will add to the Formpipe Life Science applications – Platina LS and X-docs – to its formerly established array of technology solutions and professional services. “We’re excited to announce our partnership with epista IT and wish to adhere to organizational values by boosting productivity with our partners,” said Managing Director of Formpipe Life Science division, Keith Williams.

Primarily focusing on advancing compliance in the life science industry, epista IT has been seamlessly and unceasingly pioneering new methodologies and technology partnerships to enable clients to find the best balance between compliance, risk and business goals. The association with Formpipe will enable epista IT to offer customized solutions to enhance document, deviation and quality process management for its clients. “We pride ourselves on only working with businesses that share our values and our commitment to empowering life science organizations to harness technology to create bullet proof processes that support both quality and compliance, whilst reducing overheads, manual administration and increasing productivity,” added Williams.

Apart from Life science application solutions, Formpipe also provides solutions for legal applications and various other ECM solutions and which have spread its roots across the globe. Acknowledging the partnership, Bobby William Gray, business development director at epista IT said: “We feel this is a strategic partnership for two reasons. First, we believe Formpipe Life Science offers attractive solutions for our clients. And second, they are visionary and forward-thinking. Formpipe has a leading-edge vision for the technical side of these challenges and we have one for the services side of compliance and validation. That makes for an exciting solutions set for our clients”.