Fortifying Digital World through Big Data
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Fortifying Digital World through Big Data

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 5, 2014

FREMONT, CA: With the rise in cyber threats, the power of analytics has to be explored to turn data into intelligence highlighting the threats and calling for action in real time. On these lines a report was generated based on the suggestions by federal IT experts to deal with security issues.

Continuous monitoring and advanced analytics assist agencies in getting through information of their networks and security. The advancement of big data analytics may administer new tools in combating cyber security threats.

"The technology that enables large-scale data analytics is rapidly evolving and still relatively expensive. Successive waves of hardware and software innovation in this space will drive out complexity and cost over time," Joseph Hungate, principal deputy inspector general of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, said in the report.

Experts from various agencies have come forward and suggested measures to tackle security issues and the agencies have expanded their cloud offerings, including the accessibility of analytics-as-a-service in order to support big data implementations.

The report highlights on development of an extensive enterprise information architecture strategy that incorporates both big data and cyber security. The agencies need to substantially classify the risk level of its data analytics and take necessary steps to eradicate risks. They need to Invest in tools to apply analytics to moderately monitor data and also test dashboards that offer new insights and help track the return on investment for big data and cyber efforts.
The report shines light on the need of big data in the security domain and its influence on federal agencies.

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