Fortinet Assists Healthcare Organizations Deliver Security and Protect Patient Data

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SUNNYVALE, CA: One of the global leaders in high-performance cyber security solutions and healthcare industry, Fortinet delivers End-to-End Security without compromising Patient Care for leading organizations. Criminal attacks in health care being the leading cause of data breach now days, healthcare organizations are under pressure to address the rapidly changing cyber threat environment. With lack of resources and processes to protect patient data, it’s apparent that the medical organizations need multiple layers of security to manage and migrate the rising threats. While edge firewalls do an excellent job of protecting the network border, internal segmentation helps protect critical patient data and limits damage if a breach occurs. To keep business and patient information safe, healthcare organizations of all sizes, with a variety of security needs, are implementing Fortinet solutions, reports Geeks news desk,

For providing intelligent segmentation and multiple layers of security, Fortinet internal segmentation firewalls (ISFWs) are specially adapted for the performance needs inside a healthcare network. With ISFWs, healthcare customers can segment key assets, such as medical devices and clinical databases, to dramatically improve visibility into possible attacks. Including next-generation distributed healthcare, intelligent network segmentation, advanced threat protection and advanced cyber security for software defined data centers, Fortinet will demonstrate its latest network security technology and solutions at HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems) conference.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Fortinet is an American multinational corporation that protects the most valuable electronic assets of some of the largest enterprise, service providers and government organizations across the globe. Founded in 2000, the firms fast, secure and global cyber security solutions provide broad, high-performance protection against dynamic security threats while simplifying the IT infrastructure.