Fortinet Releases FortiGate 600D as Mid-Range Security Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA:Cyber security solution provider Fortinet, announces the launch of its 10GBps mid-range network security, FortiGate-600D enterprise firewall. It is designed especially to protect the mid-market and enterprise organization from advanced cyber attack.

FortiGate-600D delivers superior security and performs five times better than the competitive solution. It can be deployed as a Next Generation Firewall allowing multiple security applications without causing bottleneck in the network. It is also utilized as an Internal Segmentation Firewall that enables customer to securely separate data stores within the network without affecting throughput.

Along with its recently launched FortiGate 400D and 900D, they are engineered to deliver high level of performance that blocks emerging threats to meet third party certification and ensures that the security does not turn into a network performance bottleneck. With 32 Gbps of ISFW/NGFW throughput, FortiGate 600 can deploy high speed next generation firewalls at network edge or within the network as internal segmentation firewall.

Additionally, organizations can run network security services and international computer security association labs for intrusion prevention and application control technologies. It also provides VB100 certified anti-malware capabilities for deeper inspection.

FortiGate-600D features FortiOS network security operating system that allows superior control over thousands of network with rich visibility over network traffic and ease of use. It also displays 10 GE slots that simplify network design without additional devices to bridge desired connectivity.

"Advanced threats require additional security applications, which further increase the need for network security resources. With our new FortiGate-600D, based on an ASIC architecture, we are making the very best in security and security price/performance available to enterprises of all sizes," says John Maddison, Vice President of Marketing at Fortinet.