Founding the Future of Autonomous Vehicles with Wireless Charging
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Founding the Future of Autonomous Vehicles with Wireless Charging

By CIOReview | Monday, June 24, 2019

Limited battery capacity is one of the most significant factors that hinder the acceptance of electric cars. Wireless charging is now the new formula to convert such real-time limitations into possibilities.

FREMONT, CA: One of the biggest challenges that electronic car owners face is the limited battery capacity. It uses 45 minutes to some days, depending on the charging system to fully charge the battery of an electric car. There are difficulties when using a wired charger for electric cars and even more dangerous if not attentive. A wired cable needs the car to be kept stationary for an extended period. Wired cables are hazardous as well if the charging doors are not closed while driving out. This is where wireless chargers come to rescue.

The technique of wireless charging charges the cars when it is over the grid. It has made fuelling an electric car far more pleasurable filling up a gas car. Electric cars eliminate greenhouse gas and are playing a huge role in reducing noise pollution and are also safer than other vehicles. If cars fall short on energy storage, they can get more energy in a quickly filled space with a gas tank. The electronics, auto, and electrical power are working extremely hard to advance battery technology.

New charges are also coming in the market that is up to 450KW and will have the power to charge an electric car in the same amount of time as it will take for a car to fill gas. These chargers are tiny and expensive, and this makes it a challenge. These also require enormous power, which makes the installation difficult. Wireless charging capability is another alternative that addresses the issue.

There are significant pros and cons of wireless charging. Wireless charging facility is available over the grid or public area like particular build roads with capability. Overall, it provides a better user experience when compared with refuelling at a gas station. In the future, electric cars will become not just competitors for ICE (internal combustion engine) cars, but superior to them.

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