Four Ways to Drive Traffic to the E-Commerce Platform
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Four Ways to Drive Traffic to the E-Commerce Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

E-Commerce marketers usually look for new ways to drive traffic and sales to their store. Some sale channels are profitable while some are not and therefore one has to refine the marketing strategies to understand which channels are beneficial for their brand. Another major challenge is traffic. An organization doesn’t need more traffic, they need the right traffic. Listed below are five essential sources of traffic that can help in luring the new targets and retaining the old customers.

1.  SEO is the Key: Every single blog post must have a keyword. A brand must be able to answer questions that the customers need the most. Another important aspect is to publish content for customers and not Google. Content should be created by keeping customers in mind. Google just helps to make its services as useful as possible. When the content is good and written for real people, chances are high that one will be ranked well on Google.

2.  Email Marketing: People who have already subscribed to the email list are already an organization’s essential clients, and they know the brand and trust them enough to provide them with their email details. This is the reason why email marketing produces the highest ROI on any marketing platform. The trick is here to give the subscribers something of value that they keep visiting the website. Growing the subscriber list must be a priority, given that this medium is bringing the highest ROI.

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3.  Retargeting: Retargeting helps in keeping a brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave the website. This type is useful because it focuses on advertising spend on people who are already familiar with the brand or the ones who have recently demonstrated interest. Retargeting works best when it is a part of a broader digital strategy.

4.  Influencer Marketing: This type of marketing is when a brand uses celebrity endorsements. These influencers can be an athlete, a local person, a writer depending upon the product. Getting a product in the hand of an influencer can drive lots of attention and potential customers to the website.

The steps mentioned above should be adopted one at a time. Although the list may seem overwhelming, it is advisable, profitable, and suitable to focus on one step and then gradually moving to the next.

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