Frame AI Secures $6.3M in Series A Round of Financing

By CIOReview | Monday, April 20, 2020

Frame AI raises $6.3 million to assist families and clients. The company focuses on efficiently communicating with its clientele

Fremont, CA: A New York City-based startup, Frame AI, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist companies in understanding its clientele much efficiently across multiple channels. The company closed its Series A investment after raising $6.3 million. 

The Series A round was led by G20 Ventures and Greycroft round together. The co-founder and partner at G20, Bill Wiberg, will join Frame’s board as per the terms of the deal. The total raised fund with an earlier seed round crosses over $10 million, as said by the company. 

“Frame is an early warning system and continuous monitoring tool for your customer’s voice,” quotes Frame CEO and co-founder George Davis. The tool plugs into help desk software, call center tooling, CRM systems, and is safely compatible with a company that communicates with a customer.

“We then use natural language understanding to pull out emerging themes and aggregate them to account and segment levels so that customer experience leaders can prioritize taking actions to improve their relationships,” Davis explained.

It is believed that customer experience is asked to perform much better than the last in terms of communication with customers on all channels and digesting it into usable information for the rest of the company. 

“We don’t think they have the right tools to do either the listening in the first place or the analysis. We’re trying to make it possible for them to hear their customers everywhere they’re already talking to them, and then act on that information,” he said.

Davis quotes that his employees work alongside customer data platforms (CDPs) like Segment, Salesforce Customer 360, and Adobe Real-time CDP. “We can take the customer voice information from all of these unstructured sources, all these natural language sources, and turn it into moments that can be contributed back to one of these structured data platforms.”

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