Freescale Introduces World Smallest Chip to Support IoT Devices

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 9, 2015

AUSTIN, TX:  Freescale Semiconductor which designs and produces embedded hardware and software for automotive and networking, with current emphasis on technology enablement of Internet of Things (IoT), has unveiled its new product- Single Chip Module (SCM) which is ultra small in size and designed to function as a computer chip.

The new structure of SCM products integrates components including processors, memory, power management and RF parts for smooth interface of IoT The culmination of all the components supports to minimize supply chain production time and designed to address development complexities. “Early-stage companies entering IoT and portable markets often work with limited resources and must create novel, compelling products in highly constrained from factors,” says Nancy Fares vice president of system solutions at Freescale. SCM is indented to reduce time-to-market, allowing 25percent faster and efficient work in hardware development time.

SCM’s performance and connectivity enables customers targeting IoT market to implement data analytics capabilities, resulting in highly sophisticated products. Since SCM is a suite of integrated solutions, it is suitable for applications including 3D gaming goggles, IoT drones, sensing applications, medical equipments and other products requiring advanced interface for better performance. “For these and other business, Freescale’s SCM addresses a host of hardware and software design challenges, allowing to them to develop rapidly,” adds Nancy.