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Freescale Semiconductor Makes Cooking Easy with Solid State RF Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 24, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Freescale , a semiconductor company introduced path breaking vision for a radically innovative appliance concept, which uses solid state radio frequency technology(RF) for efficient quality home cooking in partnership with global products strategy and design firm frog. This concept will transform traditional style of cooking and enable chef-quality cooking with less effort.

The technology includes radio frequency components, circuit solutions, embedded controllers and IoT interfaces which aims to modernize the kitchen with its stylish designs.  This smart cooking appliance combines qualities of a microwave and traditional oven, which controls where, when and how much heating is required for the food resulting with improved consistency, taste and nutrition value. By controlling the place, cycles and cooking energy levels frozen food can be cooked instantly at apt temperature without any intervention.  The quality of precise heating technique helps in reduction of energy wastage retains moisture and nutritional contents of the food.  The key feature of the concept is, it enables appliance OMEs to create products capable of cooking different dishes at same time within the same appliance. Added to the multi tasking feature and conventional heating, the appliance supports variety of other cooking types including browning, baking and poaching.

IoT interface gives a futuristic touch to cooking methods, which can access through unlimited recipes, learn new cooking techniques within online social communities, customize cooking preferences and add or store recipes in real-time. The concept paves way to enable new levels of customer convenience by adopting such innovative ideas and increasing business opportunities, including internet driven home delivery or freshly prepared meals from a variety of sources – including restaurants, grocery stores and farm-to-table cooperatives where all are prepared quickly in the appliance. The technologies narrow band energy makes it adaptable for Wifi, Bluetooth and other application.

This RF cooking concept holds potential to improve food chain supply by collecting and transmitting Big Data sets contributing to efficient food distribution, targeted services and enhanced products. 

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