Freight Transportation Eased with Advanced 'Drive Safe Systems'
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Freight Transportation Eased with Advanced 'Drive Safe Systems'

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ANN ARBOR: Con-way Freight, a company that provides freight transportation and logistics services has announced the full deployment of Drive Safe Systems, a suite of advanced on-board “monitor, sense and alert” technologies, coupled with continuous, peer-based driver training and coaching that enhances overall safety performance and operational efficiency of the company’s professional drivers.

Drive Safe System incorporates two new in-cab safety technologies along with three existing “sense and alert” on-board systems. These safety solutions alert drivers about potential safety risks and help them to improve situational awareness, provide feedback to refine safe-driving skills and defensive-driving techniques, and maximize safe, fuel-efficient operations.

Apart from the company’s customary technologies for Collision avoidance, lane departure warning and roll stability control, this Drive Safe Systems are embedded with event recorders and real-time on-board performance management services.

Event recorder is a compact, windshield-mounted unit that records activity inside and outside the cab. The recording is continuously erased unless the unit is triggered by an event such as hard braking, turning or rapid deceleration. When activated, the unit saves a 12-second audio and visual recording, eight seconds before and four seconds after the event. The recording and other supporting data is uploaded via cellular networks to a “cloud-based” software application where it is subsequently shared with drivers to recognize exceptional defensive-driving performance which avoided an accident or incident, and provide coaching to identify opportunities to improve driving skills. Known as DriveCam, the technology is powered by Lytx, a driver safety technology company.

 While in-cab real-time on-board performance management technology manufactured by Vnomics provides real-time feedback that helps the driver to employ best practices for fuel-efficient driving. The system takes into account vehicle, road, load and environmental conditions, and gives the driver input in areas such as shifting ranges and pace of acceleration to achieve optimal fuel economy.

“Drive Safe Systems is first and foremost about supporting our drivers in the safe operation of our fleet and equipping them with tools to continuously learn and improve,” says Tom Clark, the Senior Vice President of Operations at Con-way Freight.

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