F-Secure Adds Network Protection and Cloud Cleanup to its Latest Internet Security Offering

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FREMONT, CA: F-Secure Corporation, a provider of internet security solutions, unveils Internet Security 2016 with network-security awareness through its Network Checker. The latest announcement is a part of the company’s F-Secure SAFE multi-device security offering.

The latest feature comprises of ‘Network Checker,’ a localized version of F-Secure’s Router Checker tool that checks for tampering of Internet configurations. Internet Security 2016 hosts a new cleanup solution that brings state-of-the-art technologies used by operators and Internet service providers to secure devices. It leverages F-Secure’s proprietary “Lighthouse” technology that uses cloud computing to run the scan.

"Online threats are always evolving, and security needs to evolve with it," says Antero Norkio, Director, Device Security, F-Secure. "Network Checker's capabilities helps Internet Security expand its protection to cover networks, which is imperative as people begin using a greater range of networked devices."

Internet Security 2016 addresses the advanced threats such as botnets problem faced by many network managing organizations. The solution can also be installed on the malware infected machines to eliminate threats. The Cleanup tool and new Scan Wizard use new visualizations to make the scanning process more accessible to people running the software.

Scan Wizard can now be tracked with a progress bar, harmful items such as malware, spyware and potentially unwanted applications found are listed for users to inspect. Users can address these threats individually or altogether with a single click.