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Fuel Ed PairsTeamed- Up with LTS Ed to Explore Stride into for pre-K to 12th Grade Offerings

By CIOReview | Monday, May 2, 2016
Brian Shulman, Founder and CEO of LTS Education Systems

Brian Shulman, Founder and CEO of LTS Education Systems

HERNDON, VA: Fuel Education has recently formed an alliance with LTS Education Systems to deploy its supplemental option into schools and districts. Fuel Education works for transforming the regular education process into a successful business model by deploying comprehensive solutions for pre-K through 12th grade inside and outside of classrooms. The collaboration leads Fuel Ed to add more option into its offerings such as options for skills practice, assessment, and test across all core subjects including modified format that encourages students and helps them to be more dedicated towards study.

"The addition of LTS Education Systems' Stride product to Fuel Education's portfolio of personalized learning solutions means our school and district partners have yet another proven, innovative way to help boost student achievement," says Gregg Levin, General Manager, Fuel Education.

The cross-platform adaptive learning solution of LTS is known as Stride. The solution is integrated with state and national standards. LTS Stride enables teachers to allocate modules easily towards students and allow teachers to assign the modules inside a class or individually through outside also. Similarly, students are allowed to complete the modules at school or at home. Its ‘Gaming to Learn’ option inspires students to learn new things through a gaming approach, allowing students to win coins after every correct answer, which can be redeemed within Stride.  These collected coins reduce gaming time within Stride which makes the game more interesting for students. In addition the Stride question engine is adaptive and movement of questions depends on student’s performances. Subsequently teachers are capable to produce real-time reports by monitoring progression of students, enabling them to take required decisions.

"The Stride supplemental learning solution for all core subjects uses gamification to deliver meaningful experiences to students, who become motivated to move up the learning continuum. We are very pleased to be able to offer this highly engaging, game-based digital learning solution to schools and districts", adds Levin.

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