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Fugro Signs a Contract with Dallas Department of Aviation

By CIOReview | Monday, November 2, 2020

Fugrohas got into a business contract with Dallas Department of Aviation to provide Quality Assurance Testing Services.

FREMONT, CA: Fugro has signed a contract with Dallas Department of Aviation to deliver quality assurance testing services for all upcoming construction projects at Dallas Love Field Airport, Dallas Executive Airport, and Dallas Vertiport.The duration of this business agreement is five years. Furgo holds around 40 years of experience in the field, and with its expertise,the company seeks to make the business contract a successful one. Materials engineering and testing capabilities of Furgowould help Dallasobtain quality aviation services that can be safe, sustainable, as well as efficient.

The project management tools and expertise of Furgo would help in analyzing and working with some of the key factors that drive the success of the mission of the contract. Automated reporting systems and other quality tools and solutions in the arsenal of Furgohave impressed The City of Dallas Department of Aviation. The contract would be beginning early next year with two extensive runway rehabilitations at Dallas Love Field Airport. Furgo is required to carry out the testing of construction materials for qualityto ensure compliance with engineering specifications.

Fugro is one of the leading providers of Geo-data and high-quality assurance testing services and solutions all across the world. Thecompany has its expertise in collecting and analyzing comprehensive informationabout the Earth and the structures built upon it.The solutions that are offered by Furgoare characterized by asset integrity, safety, efficiency, sustainability, and more. The company looks to expandsits clientele as well asdiversify its offerings by ensuring high quality.