Fujitsu Announces New Virtuora NC 3.0 Based on SDN Software Defined Network Concept

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

RICHARDSON, TX:  Fujitsu Network Communications, an information and communication technology company, announces the availability of Virtuora NC 3.0, an  open source centralized management software that offers hybrid management with optimal operation-control for multi-vendor network automation and virtualization products and appliances based on SDN (Software Defined Network) concept.

 The main features of Virtuora NC 3.0 include: highly operable virtual network environment, automated operation and feedback control, easy network set up, and efficient operation in a multi-layer environment.

Virtuora NC can be visualized as an open SDN control framework layer which is built on OpenDaylight (ODL) as three separate ‘layers’, to maximize the built-in components of ODL (OpenDaylight) with distinct separation from application or device specifications. This framework helps to satisfy the key goals of the customers who look forward to implement SDN. It also provides the ability to leverage Agile and IT DevOps methodologies for maintenance and upgrades with minimal impact to the interfaces and applications running on the controller.

 Virtuora‘s supporting applications improve time-to-time market for new products and features by eliminating traditional OSS development cycles through the prolific use of YANG modeling and abstraction. This in turn reduces testing cycle and improves network agility, regardless of the network traffic.

Virtuora NC supporting applications offers Dynamic Service Activation and Service Restoration to enable service providers to automatically restore their services and provision ensuring error prone manual handoffs. It also offers Path Computation and Resource Discovery to compute an optimal path based on routing constraints and automatically discover all topology elements to indicate the availability of resources and ready for service. Virtuora NC enables service providers to leverage their open source platform and consistently deliver profitable, innovative, differentiated and first-to-market services.

“Virtuora NC is highly scalable and makes networks programmable, in turn helping providers reduce costs while increasing service velocity.” says Igor Bergman, Vice President and head of the Software Business Unit at Fujitsu Network Communications.