Fujitsu Migrates to OpenStack; A Smart Move to Simplify its Internal Operations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Fujitsu reveals their upcoming migration to OpenStack; the company enters a five-year contract with OpenStack to immigrate its internal IT into OpenStack’s Cloud platform. The Cloud platform is open and easy-to-access, which helps consumers to use the IT services independently by a customized cloud solution.

Fujitsu’s migration is much determined about raising the standards of its internal IT workflow through the OpenStack’s Cloud platform. The new cloud services platform quickly build systems, by employing the latest technologies, such as mobile and big data, and responds instantly to a changing business environment, inks Chris Mellor in one of his articles for The Register.    

The focus of Fujitsu lies on enhancing its own IT models for wide range customers to provide more convenient business solutions. Fujistu’s upcoming IT deployments will lead them into a better customer engagement by OpenStack’s cloud platform. Fujitsu can overcome any IT challenges by utilizing its own OpenStack facilities. The advanced cloud platform of OpenStack will be using to develop Fujistu’s technologies   by enhancing its Big Data services and mobile technologies, so that customer can get quick responses according to their business requirements.

 The attribute of Fujitsu’s new cloud platform emerges with 640 large-scale and complex systems across 13,000 servers globally. Platform’s internal feature includes CRM/sales-support systems, SCM/ECM systems, corporate systems, such as HR and accounting for providing a managed and systematic work culture, and a worldwide correspondence stage for 170,000 employees across some 540 group of companies. Paul Kunert drafts in The Register that the OpenStack’s cloud-based features allow Fujitsu to shift its 468 internal systems on the open source cloudy platform and helps them to reduce enormous expenses.