Function Point Upgrades Software; Increases Legibility and Systematizes Workflow

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Function Point, a developer of integrated business process and productivity software for service firms releases the debut redesign of its cloud-based project management software system. The rebuild enhances the appearance and quality of the software to utilize screen space in a better way and increase the legibility of the pages. It concentrates on refining real-time reporting and systematizing workflow.

Function Point Product Team members Tate Lillies, VP Product, and Cheryl Chung, UX Designer began working on the redesign program in August 2014. They examined and observed the staff of 16 different client companies. Owners, project managers, traffic managers, accountants and designers of advertising agencies, marketing firms, video production companies, custom app development stores and marketing teams formed the client base for Product Team.

The research and analysis showed that clients used Function Point’s software for three reasons; firstly creative agencies required an all-in-one project management solution to view financial information (quotes, budgets and invoice) and the information’s correlation to project planning, managing tasks and resources. Secondly, managers, finance staff and company executives needed visibility on the health of their projects and companies. Eventually they discovered that production teams wanted a software tool to identify priorities and stay updated. “We talked to a lot of clients, and we asked, when you’re using project management software, what are you looking for? The feedback we got was that users have three main reasons why they use Function Point,” says Cheryl Chung.

The audit gives Function Point developers concrete and relevant information to further improvise the interface redesign. The development team uses Agile Product Development processes and Function Point clients will have the opportunity to deliver ideas and feedback during the implementation. Beta-testing program report allows users to offer input into the development of the software before the release of the new product.

The company also joined hands with UI (User Interface) Designer Jordan Borth to design a new UI Style Guide for the software. The design shows improvements to the readability, more consistent design patterns and added white space to allow the data to stand out. In addition, the pages will also be more tablet friendly.