Fundamentals to Increase ERP Efficiency

Fundamentals to Increase ERP Efficiency

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has seen major changes over the time and continues to witness the technological boom. The concept came into existence in the late ’90s and since then many theories and strategies have evolved the same. In the proximate future, the ERP is evident to have the technological impact over it and the organizations need to keep in mind a few fundamentals while planning.

User-Friendly: The modernization has not just transformed the enterprises at infrastructural level but also the workflow and resources have been impacted from it. The upcoming software must be more user-friendly as the new age employees and business strategies are more prone to the internet and social media which makes it a need to incorporate the social extensions enabling their access. Social media have become crucial for data collection and audience connectivity.

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Increased Mobility: Advent of cloud computing also brought in the era of mobility of businesses. Currently, almost all businesses and their resources have become mobile at some level, increasing the need for ERP software to be mobile and compatible with different devices. Client presentation to data analysis everything has mobility and demands a solution equally mobile for its management.

Increasing Data and Business Intelligence: In recent years transactional and logical data has increased and organizations strive to optimize it. Therefore, ERP must be done in such a way it maximizes the use of data and business intelligence tools. Companies must design a framework for the same and can even take help from ERP vendors for the same.

Customer-Centric Approach: The traditional ERP systems lack customer involvement and focus more on warehouse management, accounts, supply chain management and various other factors which make them less effective. Although, the mindset is changing but integrating CRM with ERP will not be sufficient, organizations need to plan and develop a system where the customer interaction is increased and data is directly fetched from them and stored in ERP systems. Factors such as E-commerce, social media, finance, and analytics will make ERP more customer-centric.

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