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Future adoption of AI in ERP

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Finance, human resource, Manufacturing, supply chain, services etc are considered the core processes needed to run a company. The process integration of these sections is made possible with Enterprise resource planning(ERP). They use the latest technologies like machine learning. ERP has many benefits like higher productivity, better insights, accelerated reporting, lower risks and improved agility.

Artificial Intelligence mainly in three ways improve ERP, they are improved decision making, automation of data thereby reducing man hours, workflow enhancement

The above mentioned are the primary applications of AI in ERP.

But the possibilities of machine learning adds to the ERP are unlimited. Below listed are the future possibilities of AI enabled ERP.

1. Virtual assistants: Chatbots that will respond to internal and external inquiries which is already used by call center agents.

2. Cargo sensors: Sensors that will help in locating ships, containers, and trucks and adjusting route if necessary to save fuel costs, check for potential thefts etc.

3. Smart warehouses: AI will be used in lay outing warehouses with improving it with new designs.

4. Mobility on the shop floor: Immediate mobile applications enabling users to handle a production line problem. Notification and alert can be sent to supervisors on change work orders.

5. Financial management: With enabling AI comparing account balances between various systems will be possible.

6. Human resources: Installing a talent acquisition software can help in the recruiting process.

7. Customer service: It can help the customer when the customer requires field service.

8. Sales automation: AI can help in building comprehensive profiles for the target.

The basic applications are already here and new services will be introduced in the coming years.

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