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Future Marketing Strategy for Social Media Trends

By CIOReview | Monday, November 13, 2017

As android reached its peak of being the most used operating system and Facebook reaching its two billion user mark in early July of 2017, it has now become imperative for marketing to direct their schemes online through social media rather than mass media to reach the majority of the population as people are more likely to encounter a particular marketing scheme on their cellular phones. With that in mind marketing associates are scrambling to make their campaigns more appealing and edgy on social media in midst of rampant distraction sources. On that note, the top marketing trends predicted for 2018 are as follows:

• Comprehensive Mobile-friendly contents- as the number of distraction on social Media with skip adoptions on video contents and just 140 characters in micro-blogging platforms, marketing executives have foregone big descriptions for catchphrases to make memorable content.

• VR and 360-degree videos- As the time frame for grabbing customer’s attention has come down to five seconds, VR and 360-degree videos are to be employed extensively to provide prospective customers an experience of the real products or services.

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• Intelligent analysis of unstructured data- with constant research and development of Artificial Intelligence to make it a mainstream market technology. It is being predicted that the downtime of processing unstructured data created through social media in the future will be considerably reduced with far more accuracy and data consistency.

• Ephemeral content- since the invention of SnapChat, ephemeral contents have become the market rage with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others following suit. It has become the best marketing strategies for brands as it has the highest engagement rates since users require viewing the contents before it is removed the next day. This helps marketers expand their horizon to prospective customers.

• Enhanced personalized marketing- constant survey and analysis of user activity on social media is creating brand awareness among people and enhanced algorithmic analysis is susceptible to direct extremely user-centric marketing towards particularly prospective demography.    

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