Future Trends in Cybersecurity Industry
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Future Trends in Cybersecurity Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Artificial intelligence and Artificial intelligence technologies are expanding their reach in cybersecurity world. These technologies are improvising identity management and producing more effective threat solutions. The overall idea of embedding new concepts and technologies is to enhance cybersecurity. Cyber industry looks up to few future trends that will elevate the security standards. Few of them are-

Zero Trust Model

The model revolves around the idea of keeping internal individuals also under the surveillance and tracks their activities. Zero trust security continuously monitors and evaluates an individual’s behavior to identify and eliminate potential threats.

User’s behavior validity is done to form a risk score based on which his/her parameters of legitimacy are defined. If the risk score surpasses the threshold user may be disconnected from the network. To reconnect either he/she would have to pass through a security questionnaire or contact the authorized personnel.

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Embracing Biometric Security    

Although biometric is not new still has not vast reach in cybersecurity but in future, the trend is sure to hit the cyber world. Biometrics provides impressive identity verification and is highly reliable when it comes to security. Companies are gravitating towards incorporating it into their security model.

IoT Security Evolution

IoT devices market boomed in the last few years and expanded its reach in every industry. Cybersecurity faces threats because IoT has also brought in the concept of edge computing which makes data highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. In the proximate future, IT individuals will have to strive to evolve the security. Training device operators with regulation and security measure can be one of the options.

Compliance with GDPR

Massive data breaches have brought governmental and international organization to form regulations for data privacy and security. One such regulatory is GDPR whose regulations are being widely accepted by consumers and this has made organizations to include GDPR compliance as a service. Vendors of data security, privacy, and security risk analysis are open heartily accepting the regulation as its demand is resulting in increased sales. Companies now will how to find a way out to maintain customer experience and compliance with regulations.

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