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Future Trends In IT Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A digital transformation was tremendously witnessed in the span of one year. With this transformation, new trends are also ready to hit the IT industry. Below a few of them discussed.

Rapid expansion of Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a scenario where the end users within the organizations develop and deploy their own application without the help or knowledge of companies IT department. This trend has seen rapid growth over the last year in the industry covering 30 to 40 % of total expenditures made by the enterprise in the sector. This leads CIOs to work upon their IT asset management system and even harder on developing collaborative and information strategies with end users. It must be taken into consideration as would be direct risk security and data of the enterprise.

Balancing IoT and edge computing

IoT applications are no more restricted to central IT; with sensors, devices and servers shifting to manufacturing and facility management, it is a need for enterprises to enhance their IT asset tracking system and security management. Organizations using edge computing must train the operators of IT assets with security policies and procedures to ensure that their data is protected.

Focusing on Vendor Management System 

Introduction of shadow IT has shifted the ultimate responsibility of vendor management system to the IT department of the enterprises. As IT has been outsourced more to cloud vendors resulting in the growing role of the vendor management system, contract tracking and ensuring that the SLAs are met by vendors that conform to corporate standards.

Security to Stay at Forefront

Security breaches have always been a headache to all CIOs and they have been striving to build a robust solution to combat. Nothing much to change instead with the introduction of IoT and edge computing security will have to be the priority of IT departments. Keeping up with shadow IT, updating software timely for patching security holes, encrypting and shutting downfield devices and performing social internal audits to ensure the safety of internal IT from employees would be some to do list tasks for CIOs.

Cleaning unwanted Data

The digital transformation was helpful to clean the piles of paper from offices and automate processes but now with lots of data emanating every now and then it will need to clean up the digital data as well. Filtering the required and cleaning the unwanted must be done in order to optimize the cloud. This measure will also ensure cost cutting done in purchasing more storage and higher processing speed.

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