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Future Trends of Roofing Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, January 6, 2020

Roofers are stuck with lack of laborers for which they have started adopting several technologies to derive benefits for a better future.

FREMONT, CA: With the continuous lack of labourers, the construction industry needs technologies that can successfully replace the workers. The demands of projects are increasing, and roofing technology has become more crucial because it requires efficiency and compelling work. Here are a few of the most important developments and trends of the roofing technologies in the construction industry.

Mobile Apps

The advancement of mobile phones in every industry has immensely impacted them as it has reduced the time and consumption of energy by making the paperwork more manageable. Here are the following ways in which it helps the roofers.Top Construction Technology Companies

Identify an owner’s contact information on demand

Scale building roofs

 • Create and send invoices to clients

Share associated images and videos of a building all over the organization

 • Build and share roof reports and estimates to clients


Drones have started to occupy an important place in the roofing industry because the roofers can use drones to analyze and have a clear vision of the buildings that were not possible few years before. The high-resolution images assist in measuring the roof of a building. Many use the pictures for high-quality websites so that they can conduct image marketing along with posting them in social media or sharing with the clients.

Moreover, unlike flights, when a drone completes their tasks, they do not repeat it unless it is pre-programmed again.  For the roofers, this type of automation comes as a huge time-saver and also save them from accidents. The roofers also do not have to physically climb the roofs for taking measurements as it can be conducted by using drones, thus preventing potential injuries.

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New and innovative roofs

Focus is increasing towards creating the latest and innovative roofs that can meet energy needs and also withstand harsh weather conditions like a storm. Two conventional innovative roofs are cool roofs and green roofs.