Game-changing Partnership and Investment Opportunities at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit
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Game-changing Partnership and Investment Opportunities at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

By CIOReview | Monday, February 25, 2019

The World Agri-tech Innovation Summit, which began in London in 2013 and is held twice a year in San Francisco and London, is the world’s leading meeting place for international stakeholders to promote sustainable agriculture in developing and developed markets. The summit will bring experts from around the world to identify the best model for successful technology marketing to share best practices and case studies and to determine the most exciting innovation and investment possibilities.

Fifteen dynamic global start-ups in the field of soils, crop optimization, fertilizers, healthy biotics, precise irrigation, insect monitoring, off-road automation, AI, and digitized agricultural operations will take center stage at the World Summit on Agri-Tech in San Francisco (March 19-20).

Aerobotics (South Africa): Through artificial intelligence, the company provides tree and vineyard protection to growers worldwide. In order to enable early problem detections and warnings, Aerobotics Aeroview uses state-of-the-art drone and satellite imaging.

AgroCares (Holland): the firm Provide cutting-edge nutrient and other key parameters for soil, feed, and leaf measurement solutions.

Atmonia (Iceland): This company develops an electro-katalytic breakthrough process of generating air and water aqueous ammonia for direct use by irrigation as fertilizer.

Bontera BioAg (USA): The company has a mission to transform agriculture worldwide by modern, sustainable technologies. Its products are selected for superior performance and functionality based on naturally occured soil microbes.

Cattle Care (U.S.): In order to increase dairy farm income and make cows more healthy simultaneously, the company applies AI video analytics. In the barn, the product identifies cows with its unique patterns of black and white.

Dynium Robot (UK): In 2019, the company will launch in the U.S. Precision

agricultural technology (agtech) previously was unable to detect disease below the canopy because of an inability of aerial imagery.

FaunaPhotonics (Denmark): This company is a world-renowned leader in sustainable agriculture.

FOLIUM Science (UK): In the whole biotic era, the company leads in bioscience technology.

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GroGuru (USA): The company has an innovative system to monitor and manage precision irrigation including its revolutionary underground wireless system solution that significantly reduces deployed costs and the overall ownership costs for farmers.

Micropep Technologies (France): The firm is a disturbing biotech startup which creates a new generation of crop stimulation and protection solutions that are based upon a unique type of active ingredient: miPEPs, natural plant cell peptides that regulate their gene expression.

Pebble Labs (USA/Hong Kong): In agriculture, aquaculture and vector-borne diseases, the company eliminate without chemical or antibiotic pathogens safely and sustainably.

Pheronym (USA): This company has a base in Alachua, Florida and Davis California in the field of agricultural biotechnology, which permits pesticide-free agriculture.

Solynta (Netherlands): The company is developing and implementing new nursing techniques in order to convert potato into hybrid crops, with potential in terms of the revenue for farm gates to unlock trillions of dollars. (Singapore/South Africa): The company provides farmers with cloud-based collaboration services, connecting all workers inside and outside the farm through digital boards designed specifically to manage tasks and to collect and measure data in the field.

WeedOUT (Israel): The firm exploits a new strategy in the world of weed control by using sterility to fight resistant weeds.

The summit will be a great opportunity for start-ups to maximize their opportunities, and at the same time, connect with industry leaders. They can grab the array of opportunities to network, share knowledge and learn from experts.

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