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Gamification as a Learning Tool

By CIOReview | Friday, March 30, 2018

Many times, gamification plays a major role in helping employees to work more. When employees are tied to gamification, they show more interest in their daily tasks. Advice Media, which is the digital marketing agency for medical firms, believes that gamification assists in learning a number of new things. Gamification keeps employees engaged and enables them to be more productive than the traditional methods followed to train them. This procedure particularly facilitates even in performance management and development by motivating the human desire to feel more excited in fulfilling their targets. As the HR department is always keener to recruit more efficient and skillful workers, gamification plays a vital role in capturing the attention of employees and encouraging them to improve more.

Therefore, gamification can be used as a tool to be the new trend of learning and development. Moreover, gamification as a tool is also growing steadily. Earlier, gamification applications were used for the presentation of leaderboards, but with time it has been integrated and used for learning processes. Companies running gamification in their working periphery are focussed on the learning processes that they use to cater to their employees. The youth of a company is more interested in learning through gamification and thus spends quality time in their work as well as provide the best output. However, attitude and experience are also important for the acceptance of gamification. It has to be taken in the right way to bring out the right outcome at the right time rather than merely using it for entertainment.