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Gamification: Fostering Real-Time Business Improvement Strategies

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

Gamification introduces the implementation of gaming objectives in non-gaming environments.

FREMONT, CA: Games have always played a significant role in human learning. With the structure of problem solving, competition, learning through trial and error, it’s an incredible way to improve essential qualities in any sector. Currently, an approach towards the concept of gamification shows a great deal of improvement in the organization regardless of their sectors. Technically, gamification is an approach with integrated game mechanics to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. Surprisingly, different industries have adopted the work model and experiencing a huge impact.

• ELearning

Gamification provides brilliant strategies with a high level of engagement among the learners. It allows productive and informal learning environment, which helps the learner to practice for real-life challenges and facilitates better understanding. Gamification captures the learner’s attention by challenging them and teaches them via engaging activities or entertainments. Online educational apps or website includes elements like skill points, timers, and levels of questions to improve knowledge sharing in a fun and exciting way. 

• Health & Wellness

There are numerous applications which we use for health tracking, are the best example for gamification. Preinstalled pedometer in smartphones with rewarding notifications, apps for exercise habits with calculated achievements are effectively motivational, indirectly helping us to achieve our health goals.

• Organizations

An employee receiving incentives inspires others to work hard, and promotional activities improvise the quality of work and boost confidence. The feedback system and loyalty reward points enhance the relationship between the consumers and the organization. Gamification applications help to collect real-time data about the customer's interest and help the industry to focus on those areas of demand. 

However, gamification cannot be limited to an application or simple set of advice, it can be implemented anywhere according to the environment or nature of work. Gamification has remarkably achieved significant growth in revenue for various industries and improvised the culture of work.

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