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Gamification: The Newest and Hottest Ingredient in the Talent Management Recipe

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hunting, recruiting as well as retaining talent has been a concern for the human resource department for decades. Gamification is the answer to the shortcomings in talent management area. It boosts up employees’ zeal to work in an organization by not only making recruitment fun and interactive for the candidates but by also enhancing the employer’s ability to gel up into a larger talent pool, boosting their brand image and significantly impacting the process’s effectiveness.

Gamification selectively uses the mechanics that bring out people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure when faced with a real-life situation in the form of a game, ultimately familiarizing them with the practical approach of tackling hardships in the business processes. Gamification is the concept of applying the dynamics, mechanics, and psychology of video games in other contexts. It has played a pivotal role already in boosting sales, employee performance, and customer loyalty, so exploring the concept of assessing which job candidate is the best fit for an open position revisits the idea of recruitment through a more innovative, creative and unique approach.

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Organizations nowadays adopt a conceptual framework for designing meaningful programs to tackle employee engagement and motivation. Through this concept, candidates get insights into the culture, environment and job requirements of the firm while allowing the recruiters to see talent beyond the resume level. It creates a better understanding of the job, and the organizational culture, therefore, enhancing the performance and productivity of the candidate. Gamification is a massive success for candidates and employers as capitalizes on the human craving for community, feedback, achievement, and reward, making it the perfect anecdote that today’s talent management requires.