Garden Implements MRI's Solutions to Deliver Better Services

By CIOReview | Monday, August 31, 2015

SOLON, OH: In a move to get an effective platform for customers, Garden Communities, provider of rental apartments, has signed an agreement with MRI Software, provider of software solutions for real estate industry. This agreement allows Garden Communities to incorporate MRI’s VaultWare apartment marketing and reservation solutions.

MRI’s VaultWare helps customers in knowing the current price of the product. It automatically updates the online ads posted by the sellers by eliminating inconsistent and inaccurate advertised rents, which helps in making the products accessible to the prospect buyers, where they can see the actual rent or price for their desired apartment unit. The software also optimizes rents in an easy-to-read pricing grid and publishes seller’s lease terms too.

The integration between VaultWare and MRI Residential Management solutions provides enhanced features. The essential benefits of the solutions include: automatic insertion of guest cards into MRI Residential Management or updating an exist prospect’s activity history and automatic inventory management within MRI Residential Management for approved pre-qualified VaultWare reservations.

“MRI Software has been an exemplary collaborative business partner to us. They are able to respond to our unique business needs quickly and efficiently and we look forward to a continued partnership with them for years to come,” states Steven Lefkowitz, Controller for Garden Communities.