Gartner Recognizes Orchestro for DSM

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The market leader in demand analytics and data orchestration, Orchestro Inc, has recognized Gartner's February 2016 Market Guide for Demand Signal Management Vendors as compiled by Marketwired.

"Gartner's report highlights the application of DSMs to pervasive problems in the retail industry, including on-shelf availability," said Anuj Agrawal, VP of Marketing of Orchestro. "The cutting edge analytics embedded within our DSM solution helps retailers and suppliers orchestrate data-driven decisions at a store-level to respond to on-shelf availability issues, especially during high volume promotional periods."

In addition, In the report, Orchestro was listed as a Representative Vendor for Demand Signal Management (DSM) solution, the Demand Signal Repository (DSR) and Demand Sensing. Orchestro has a long history of providing DSM solutions to the retail and consumer goods industry, ranging from harmonizing retailer POS and inventory data, to now incorporating new demand signals such as weather to explain unexpected sales and supply chain performance.

Orchestro’s new demand signals, together with new machine learning algorithms are enabling true predictive and prescriptive analytics across omni-channels. Demand signal repositories are critical refineries to an overall demand signal management strategy for medium to large enterprises. DSRs are responsible for harmonizing disparate data, that include multitudinous data feeds shared by retailers with their suppliers. DSRs form the basis standard data that is required to enable advanced insights via the demand sensing tools such as Orchestro's ShelfSense and PromoSense. These demand sensing tools translate demand signals into true data insights, driving execution for retailers and suppliers both in-store and online.

Gartner analyst and author of the report, Amber Salley, noted the growing importance of demand signal management solutions: "The use of demand signal management technologies is growing across all industries as companies look to improve inventory management and visibility into consumer activity." The report cites DSM software as being "a critical tool to identify new sales opportunities, manage stock more effectively, improve on-shelf availability, drive agile responses, provide a basis for business forecasting and planning, and link supplier to downstream data."