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Gateway Funnel Pros Launches an Online Automated Sign-Up Program

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2020
Alex Roy, CEO

Alex Roy, CEO

Gateway Funnel Pros rolls out an online automated sign-up program along with transparent pricing for ClickFunnels users.

FREMONT, CA: Gateway Funnel Pros, USA-based payment services and software provider focused on assisting ClickFunnels businesses, helps businesses maintain their merchant accounts, even when those merchant accounts are through a competitor. Stripe payment processing is a solution for many businesses. For years, the company has worked with merchants whose merchant accounts were either declined by or shut down by, Stripe because of a high level of disputes. Disputes, or chargebacks, can be so hazardous to businesses. This is why Gateway decided to put together an inexpensive program that enables ClickFunnels users to process credit cards through Stripe to avoid some of these disputes and automate their responses and improve their data.

ClickFunnels is a marketing and website-building software suite that funnels website visitors through a set of steps tailored to increase profitability. ClickFunnels enables thousands of small businesses to launch and grow. For businesses that are not deemed high-risk, Stripe's online payment processing is efficient and seamless to use. One challenge, not unique to Stripe, is the cost, risk, and workload related to customers that dispute their transactions, sometimes fraudulently.

As Gateway Funnel Pros began to realize that there was a need for low-risk ClickFunnels entrepreneurs that use Stripe to mitigate and automate their Stripe dispute process, the program grew through. Gateway Funnel Pros' Stripe-focused program offers dispute mitigation, Stripe dispute response automation and streamlined chargeback reporting. After a ten-minute automated setup process, Gateway Funnel Pros adds a business's Stripe merchant account to their systems and automatically connects it with hundreds of credit card issuers. Then, once a customer disputes a transaction through one of the supported credit card companies, the dispute can be automatically refunded before it turns into a chargeback.

Gateway Funnel Pros' ClickFunnels-focused Stripe dispute program automates responses and streamlines reporting. Its response automation functionality allows users to set up the dispute system to fight to overturn disputes automatically. The company automates the entire process, saving funnel users countless hours.