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GB Labs Launches Unify Hub to Optimize Remote Working Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 22, 2020

GB Labs has released Unify Hub as a remote working management platform.

FREMONT, CA: Powerful and intelligent storage solution provider for the media and entertainment industry, GB Labs, has released Unify Hub that is a purposeful platform that is designed and developed to overcome the practical challenges and meet the evolving expectations of the media production environment. Unify Hub combines both the data on the premise as well as the cloud in order to empower remote production and maintain data integrity and security as well.

Unify Hub provides its user with advanced productivity, connectivity, and security advantages. Unify Hub Cloud Mounts aligns the local user permissions with cloud accounts to widen the scope for remote working. S3 Endpoint helps in connecting on-premise workspaces to cloud services to help remote users  access work data. In addition, virtual workspaces create a physical working environment for the employees. GB Labs technology also speeds up operations, enhances user experience, reduces costs, and saves the internetwork bandwidth as well. Unify Hub helps the remote workers to avail of a seamless working experience irrespective of geography and physical location.

GB Labs is one of the leading Intelligent Media Storage providers all across the world. The company creates a shared storage ecosystem for the media industry. GB Labs has designed and developed a proprietary and innovative technology platform as per the present and realistic needs of the media and entertainment needs. The company holds the pride of delivering solutions that stand apt to its clients regardless of how and where the production is filmed, and the size of the data, and more. GB Labs promises high security, reliability, and fidelity.