GE comes up with 800-Watt DC-DC Converter for Space Constrained Power Designer

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DALLAS, TX: All new QBVE067A0B Barracuda-series DC-DC converters has been introduced by GE, providing up to 800 watts (W) of 12-volt DC output power from an input voltage range of 40 to 60 volts. The converters feature an industry-standard, DOSA-compliant quarter-brick footprint, measuring just 58.4 by 36.8 by 10.7 millimeters. With GE's new QBVE067A0B converters, the amount of required space is cut in half.

"When developing our new Barracuda-series DC-DC converters, we worked directly with customers who frequently use high-power bus converters to gather feedback and data on what aspects are important to them and their operations. The recurring theme was the need for improved power density. Our new Barracuda-series DC-DC converters couple the power performance our customers require without using up valuable, and often limited, space." says Karim Wassef, General Manager of Embedded Power, GE's Critical Power business.

The new converters are able to convert power from a wide range of input voltages to a low output voltage of 12 volts at a maximum load current of 67 amperes. The output is fully isolated at 2,250 volts from the input. The module's tightly regulated output voltage makes GE's latest DC-DC converters ideal for installations such as 12-volt intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are subsequently generated using point-of-load converters. Other ideal applications include distributed power architectures, servers and storage applications, supercomputers and high-speed 5G networks.

Efficiency in excess of 96 percent at 12 –volt output voltages has been achieved by incorporating digital control, synchronous rectification technology, with a fully regulated control topology and innovative packaging techniques.