GE Launches Advanced Digital Technology for On-Site Crude Oil Testing at Refineries

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: GE announces the launch of its latest laboratory equipment and predictive analytics software for on-the-spot crude oil testing, to track the after effect of oil on refinery before starting the process. CrudePLUS by GE significantly decreases the crude oil analysis time and ensures less fouling, higher energy efficiency, and streamlined operations.

This latest digital solution from GE provides the fastest mode to complete examination procedure of crude oil and the mixture of different oil sources at the refinery by utilizing the predictive analytics. It enhances the refining operations and reduces the operating cost and CO2 emissions. Data recorded by CrudePLUS helps streamlining the blending and desalter operations, resulting in oil reduction in the wastewater treatment plant of an oil refinery. Furthermore, it reduces disturbances and decreases any possible ill effects on the environment.

“Through GE’s digital industrial revolution, we have the equipment, analytics, and operating systems to bring powerful data to our customers. As the variability of crude oil increases and refineries adopt more aggressive blending strategies, there is tremendous value in rapid data and predictive analytics. Our new CrudePLUS system is the only technology that can test oil on-site with the quickest and most varied data available today,” says Amy Ericson, Global Leader, Chemical, Monitoring Solutions Water and Process Technologies, GE Power.

Implementing CrudePLUS for examining blends and oils will revamp the margins by attenuating operational issues while expanding deducted crude utilization. It provides an alternative medium to the refiner’s in the processing of more crude oil that too at a lower price base and reduced heat transfer leakage. It maximizes the throughput in preheat processions and furnaces and reduces the maintenance cost by applying a fruitful foul reduction approach.