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GE Oil & Gas Unveils Three Innovative Solutions at Offshore Technology Conference

By CIOReview | Friday, May 6, 2016
Ben Wilson, CITO, GE Oil & Gas

Ben Wilson, CITO, GE Oil & Gas

HOUSTON, TX: GE’s energy branch, GE Oil & Gas has released a new series of solutions for offshore operations that can help reduce their cost, improve reliability and reduce downtime. These solutions were unveiled at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston and they highlight the innovations the company has come up with to increase efficiency.

“Our technology allows users to glean penetrating insights into the efficacy of their international apparatus, helping them to predict, diagnose and fix problems before they are faced with unplanned downtime.” Says Ben Wilson, CITO, GE Oil & Gas

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GE Oil & Gas’ innovative offshore solutions and customer partnerships introduced include:

High Pressure Ratio Compression units for UEC-Gas turbines JSC. The units will be installed in oil fields that are owned and operated by Rosneft in East Siberia. The solution will consist of an integrator and supplier of high-efficiency power equipment, with three compressor trains equipped with GE’s HPRC units, including gearboxes and dry gas seal consoles. This small and light-weight compressor consumes very small units and reduces the footprint by 50 percent. Also the HPRC is lighter by 30 percent compared to its predecessors and consumes less power.

SeaPrime I Subsea MUX BOP System - is the first fault-tolerant design that remains at subsea level whilst re-routing hydraulic functions, eliminating stack pulls in the process. By doing so, they aid drilling contractors to continue with their drilling activities but with a reduced downtime. The solution delivers three times the availability of the conventional systems without considerable changes in maintenance.

Composite flexible risers – The firms Flexible Pipe business is investing in the R & D and manufactures composite flexible risers that are 30 percent lighter than traditional pipes. The company is also a frontrunner in developing standards and practices for the incorporation of carbon-fiber thermoplastic composites into flexible pipe.

“The solutions we announced today showcase this industry’s level of laser focus in becoming more resilient, more efficient and in maximizing operations,” says Lorenzo Simonelli, President and Chief Executive Officer, GE Oil & Gas. “We are exploring all possibilities and pulling ideas from many other industries across GE to provide our customers with a spectrum of innovative solutions to optimize offshore assets and operations, including the most advanced digital technologies available today.”

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