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GE's Digital Wind Farm: The New Connected and Adaptable Wind Energy Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: General Electric (GE) has yet again come up with a new innovation christened as the Digital Wind Farm (DWF).

DWF is a well connected and adaptable wind energy ecosystem that uses Industrial Internet to address greater flexibility in renewable power. This is done by pairing world class turbines with a digital infrastructure. GE’s Predix software allows operators to monitor performance from data across turbines, farms and even entire industry fleets. The data procured provides information on temperature, turbine misalignments and vibrations that can affect performance.

With the collection of more data, the system learns over time and becomes more predictive and “fool-proofing” wind farms. In order to generate power at peak efficiency based on the surrounding environment, GE’s new 2- megawatt platform makes use of a twin modeling system to assemble up to a variety of 20 turbine configurations at every distinctive pad location across a wind farm.

The technology enhances energy production by 20 percent and an estimated value of $50 Bn can be generated for the wind industry. Therefore, this technology increases productivity, reduces costs and boosts operating efficiency over the life of the wind farm.

As Steve Bolze, President and CEO of GE Power & Water says “Our vision for the industry is to use today’s data to predict tomorrow’s outcomes.” He believes that by harnessing the full power of the Industrial Internet, we can create a world where wind farms learn, adapt and perform better tomorrow than they do today.