GE Solution's PowerOn ADMS Makes it Easier to Manage Challenges of Grid
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GE Solution's PowerOn ADMS Makes it Easier to Manage Challenges of Grid

By CIOReview | Monday, September 1, 2014

ATLANTA, GA: Connecticut based utility transmission and distribution solution firm General Electric, is working hard to assist utility firms across countries to shift rapidly towards energy efficiency and meet the growing challenges posed by the market. The latest solution rolled out by GE, PowerOn Advantage Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) offers customers an upgrade in grid technology, where operators get hold of a centralized view of network in a modular system built on a single platform.

The PowerOn ADMS delivers enhanced productivity and efficiency with active network optimization and control. The network model enables integrated and streamlined operations, one user interface for an intuitive user experience. The solution combines the capabilities Distribution Management System and Outage Management System of PowerOn and can provide the visualization of work processes across the grid to help optimize the network’s performance.

The PowerOn Advantage’s modular design can be deployed either as as a standalone OMS or DMS as well as an integrated ADMS delivering increased reliability, productivity and efficiency through a single platform. It also provides the advanced situational awareness utility professionals require, helping to guide decision making during critical situations.

Utilities need upgraded technologies to meet higher performance targets as demanded by the growing pressure to optimize operations,” says Keith Grassi, product line leader—software solutions, GE's Digital Energy business. “Our PowerOn Advantage ADMS provides the industry with our best-in-class outage management system (OMS) and distribution management system (DMS) capabilities to meet the ongoing commitment to manage a more active network due to grid complexity.”

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