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Gearset Unveils Backup Solution for Salesforce

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Gearset is the leading DevOps solution provider for Salesforce, announced today the official launch of its newest product for the Salesforce ecosystem: Data Backup. 

FREMONT, CA: The launch is followed by a soft launch period during which the company worked closely with early customers to refine and improve the product and user experience. With Gearset's Data Backup, enterprises can get rid of the risk of irretrievable data loss, safeguard their backup data, and stay compliant with the data protection legislation like the GDPR and CCPA. Thanks to monitoring changes, automated daily backups, and Gearset's powerful deployment engine for restoring the data with parent-child relationships intact, Salesforce teams will massively reduce their recovery point objective (RPO) the recovery time objective (RTO) with Data Backup.

"We built Data Backup because we saw companies vulnerable to the loss of data and metadata, with no viable options for restoring their Salesforce organizations. Adding Data Backup to Gearset has been our plan for a long time, and we're excited that Gearset is now a comprehensive Salesforce DevOps solution," said Kevin Boyle, CEO, and co-founder of Gearset.

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While it's possible to use Salesforce's native tooling to back up data and metadata, Salesforce itself recommends that enterprises search a third-party backup solution. Backups work best when folded in the DevOps tools and processes, as Gearset's Data Backup demonstrates. Using the same tool, Salesforce teams can easily back up data on-demand before deploying any risky alterations. And they can restore the lost and corrupted data with the familiar, robust workflow they utilize every day. For these reasons, high-performing DevOps teams are high-performers when it comes to disaster recovery.

Gearset, the market-leading Salesforce DevOps, solution providers is on its mission make Salesforce releases lightning-fast, deployments that work the first time, every time. Among Gearsets, clients are McKesson, Zillow, Traction on Demand, Cisco Meraki, Accenture, IBM, and Johnson & Johnson. Gearset is based in Cambridge (UK).