Gemalto, NetApp Partner to Implement Encryption for Securing Cloud Storage on AWS
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Gemalto, NetApp Partner to Implement Encryption for Securing Cloud Storage on AWS

By CIOReview | Friday, November 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Organizations’ shift to cloud-based services has created need for storage network encryption that will protect the data used in their applications without affecting user productivity. As a provider of digital security, Gemalto senses this growing concern across the cloud customer spectrum. Gemalto says it has decided to work with NetApp to beat the challenges in cloud storage security. The solution will be available to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers as a unified offering on AWS Marketplace.

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure for NetApp Cloud ONTAP

The new offering combines NetApp's modern storage infrastructure namely NetApp Cloud ONTAP with Gemalto's SafeNet key management to protect customers' data and encryption keys against unauthorized access along with enabling efficient use of their storage investments.

Being a 64-bit hardened virtual security appliance, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure provides centralized key management and data access policies for NetApp Cloud ONTAP. It simplifies the operational challenges of managing encryption keys and makes sure that keys are secure and information is always available to authorized users across the cloud environment.

Combined with Gemalto’s key management solution, NetApp Cloud ONTAP enables users to automate IT processes associated with risk mitigation to improve business agility and make application deployment faster. By integrating existing applications with the new solution, customers can reduce overall IT costs through paying only for the cloud resources they use. The NetApp storage solution is capable of meeting customer storage requirements, from small-capacity, low-performance applications to medium-scale applications with higher performance needs.

By enforcing customized security policies pertaining to data access, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure maintains data confidentiality efficiently through key management activities like key signing, role-based administration, quorum control, backup and distribution of encryption keys.

"NetApp's storage expertise is a perfect fit with Gemalto's proven key management technology. AWS users can now turn to NetApp to manage, store and protect their data can do so even more confidently than ever before, while maintaining 100 percent ownership of their encryption keys,"   says Todd Moore, Vice President of Data Encryption Product Management, Gemalto.