Gemalto Powers Wuhan Intest with LTE Technology; Promoting Connectivity in Cars

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Gemalto, a firm offering digital security is on a role to provide its proprietary Cinterion wireless feature to Wuhan Intest Electronic Technology (Intest), supporting the implementation of 4G LTE connectivity on their Telematics-Box (T-Box). Intest is a provider of complete and high end automotive solutions in China. The T-Box will enable manufacturers to develop fully-connected electric cars, allowing users to utilize high-speed mobile connectivity for emergency roadside assistance, with advanced telematics services and in-car infotainment. Now drivers will have the facility to use their smartphones for a keyless and secure entry or ignition, autonomous parking and remote diagnostics.

"With increasing LTE networks across the country, Gemalto's module will provide unprecedented data connectivity to local travelers. The Wi-Fi hot spot in the car will allow passengers to simultaneously connect multiple devices to the Internet, detect charging stations nearby, and enhance mobility experience," says Mi Feng, CTO, Intest.

Following the government's estimation of having 5 million renewable energy vehicles by 2020, China is expected to emerge as the largest manufacturers of electric cars, overtaking the US. Focusing mainly on cost and safety, the country is also trying to produce connected cars that can handle essential factors such as roadside emergencies, traffic congestion, car safety and security.

From the IoT to payment and enterprise security, Gemalto’s solutions simplify modern life with the blend of technology. The company creates value for software, authenticates people, objects and transactions and encrypts data, allowing clients to offer highly secure digital services seamlessly.

"As in-vehicle connectivity expands from luxury models to high-volume midmarket ones, ability to respond fast to consumer preferences will be key to winning the hearts and wallets of people. With award-winning automotive M2M solutions, we can enable Intest to take a lead in helping OEMs deliver innovative, sustainable solutions with end-to-end security," says Sashidhar Thothadri, Vice President of M2M for APAC, Gemalto.