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General Dynamics and WJXT Join Forces to Provide Audience a Crisp Viewing Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Mike Guzelian, VP, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Mike Guzelian, VP, General Dynamics Mission Systems

FREMONT, CA: WJXT Channel 4 wrote a new chapter in news streaming by broadcasting a remote- live, evening news leveraging General Dynamics Mission Systems’ Fortress 4G LTE technology instead of the existing traditional microwave equipment. General Dynamics established the transmission on WJXT’s existing Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) spectrum license by generating a remote broadcast “hotline” between the WJXT news truck and the TV station.

“The Fortress LTE ENG solution changes the way television news organizations deliver their news reports from the field, helping broadcast stations reduce their dependence on microwave and related technologies to deliver a superior quality remote broadcast at much less cost,” says Mike Guzelian, VP of General Dynamics Mission Systems.

General Dynamics LTE Electronic News Gathering (ENG) presents a fresh viewing experience for the home based audience through its uninterrupted and clear HD broadcast. This gives television channels the ability to shift from traditional microwave technology which often provides a cluttered and blurred viewing experience. Fortress LTE also facilitates two-way communication, allowing channels to streamline broadcasting along with communication via the 2 GHz BAS spectrum. Moreover, while broadcasting live video streams of reporters in far away locations, Fortress LTE ENG eliminates the communication gap between the studio and the reporter, by delivering an unbroken signal transmission.

Apart from transmitting video broadcasts, the Fortress LTE ENG communications solution carries several Internet Protocol network applications like two-way intercom connectivity between broadcast crews and the channel station. General Systems’ Fortress technology is similar to the LTE technology found in latest smartphones, except for spectrum usage and the send/receive communications capacity.