GenesisRTS Launches Genesis360° to Select Right Drilling Optimization Expertise

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HOUSTON, TX: GenesisRTS that provides real-time systems announces the launch of Genesis360° - a -proven method that empowers operators with the flexibility to modularly select the right drilling optimization expertise, processes and tools (software apps) to reach target depths faster and safer.

“It’s no secret that reducing well delivery costs and leveraging technological advancements in upstream operations is key for operators to thrive during challenging economic times,” says Rob Campbell, CEO of GenesisRTS. Through this new 360° solution operators now got the freedom to select only the right products and services needed to optimize well delivery and safety on specific projects, Rob added.

Genesis360° further creates value by optimizing workflows and inspiring communication among decision makers for reliable and efficient performance throughout the well delivery lifecycle, specifically in the following areas:

  • Integrate real-time, high fidelity data management with rapid analysis and (automated) decision-making support.
  • Modular tools and applications with patented smart sensor technology, for reliable data quality.
  • Provide process, procedures, workflows and change management assistance (as needed) for implementation, sustainability and value creation of drilling monitoring, optimization and automation systems.
  • Leverage industry-leading skills, expertise and experience through GenesisRTS’ drilling and subsurface subject matter experts (SME).