Genesys Acquires SpeechStorm to Deliver Personalized Customer Experience across Multiple Touchpoints

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Customer experience is the cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints over the course of a customer's interaction with an organization. As enterprises embrace the challenge of personalizing the customer experience and managing customer journeys, self-service solutions stand out to be the first option they choose to bring for business transformation.

In order to create omnichannel self-service applications and design highly personalized journeys across touchpoints and channels, Genesys, a provider of omnichannel customer experience (CX) and contact centre solutions, acquires SpeechStorm, a provider of self-service applications for mobile, web and interactive voice recognition (IVR) channels. Based on real-time and historical data, Genesys manages and refines sales, service and marketing strategies to better achieve business objectives.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform ensures that the experience delivered aligns with the expectations of customer so that their journey is appropriate. By more effectively matching the workload and the required staffing levels for each customer journey, it enables enterprises to deliver consistent service levels over all touchpoints, channels and interactions throughout their contact centre and back office.

With SpeechStorm acquisition, Genesys customers will have access to a catalog of more than 70 pre-built and rapidly deployable self-service applications optimized for common self-service needs like bill payment and change of address. The company’s omnichannel self-service solution will enable consumers to engage with companies through either voice or digital channels. The seamless transition of consumers into assisted service provides agent with full context and history of the interaction to deliver personalized and efficient service. The platform is available from the cloud or through on-premise implementations in the data centers or private cloud.

The new acquisition enhances Genesys’ Self-Service IVR and Web Engagement solutions, merging self-service and agent assistance with the inclusion of additional omnichannel self-service capabilities to the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. It allows customers to create a single self-service application, making it available simultaneously across mobile, web and traditional voice IVR environments.

“With the addition of SpeechStorm, we’re setting a new standard for both how companies create omnichannel self-service applications and design highly personalized journeys across touchpoints and channels to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” says said Paul Segre, Chief Executive Officer, Genesys.